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May 27 2017


paralysis by analysis

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sometimes i can’t sleep so i think

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May 26 2017

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Sleipner A, a combined accommodations, production and processing offshore platform in the Alfa Sentral Gas and Condensate Field, North Sea, Norway, during a storm. Photo by Øyvind Hagen via Statoil ASA.

May 25 2017

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Meteors and Milky Way over Mount Ranier : Despite appearances, the sky is not falling. Two weeks ago, however, tiny bits of comet dust were. Featured here is the Perseids meteor shower as captured over Mt. Rainier, Washington, USA. The image was created from a two-hour time lapse video, snaring over 20 meteors, including one that brightened dramatically on the image left. Although each meteor train typically lasts less than a second, the camera was able to capture their color progressions as they disintegrated in the Earths atmosphere. Here an initial green tint may be indicative of small amounts of glowing magnesium atoms that were knocked off the meteor by atoms in the Earths atmosphere. To cap things off, the central band of our Milky Way Galaxy was simultaneously photographed rising straight up behind the snow-covered peak of Mt. Rainier. Another good meteor shower is expected in mid-November when debris from a different comet intersects Earth as the Leonids. via NASA

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blue beach

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Hotel Zlatibor, Užice, Serbia. Built in 1981. Architect: Svetlana Kana Radević. Photo sent in from Janko Međedović #socheritage #socialistheritage #socialistmodernism

May 23 2017

May 21 2017

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Plattenbau gegen Homophobie. Berlin Mitte, May 2017.

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May 20 2017

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The world finally makes sense. (via wayne5540)

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Asunciòn, Paraguay. cca 2017.
#brutgroup photo taken by Filippo Minelli @filippominelli

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Organic - Zean Macfarlane 


May 19 2017

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Looking down the tracks of the Astoria Line.


May 17 2017

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New comic about bellies! 

lunarbaboon facebook twitter 

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May 16 2017

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Watertank, in St Aubin les Elbeuf, France.

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