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November 15 2017

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Tumblr: *rolls out “best stuff first”*

My blog:

on the one hand this is a joke post because lol i have never made a good post in my life, but also, if i hadn’t made the connection between this update and my sudden nosedive in activity, i would have been really fucking discouraged about all the shit i’ve been working on lately. i guarantee there are people on tumblr right now who haven’t made that connection, and who are trying to figure out why suddenly no one likes anything they’ve made. and that fucking sucks.

Reminder to go into your settings and turn off ‘Best Stuff First’ because my activity’s tanked a couple days ago for no reason so this stuff IS happening.

You WILL miss content with that setting on.

i ain’t joking when i say that my activity looks JUST like this too and i wasn’t sure why

I can only find the option on the app under Settings > Dashboard Preferences.

To support content creators do us a favour and turn off “Best stuff first”. Open the tumblr app (Android or iOs) and go to “Settings > Dashboard Preferences. And please reblog this post, so that everybody will see this. Thank you very much!

I assumed I just wasn’t writing very well, but maybe it’s not just me.

Am I supposed to pay to get my writing in front of followers now?

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled sci-fi content because this is important for app users, and it sucks. We all follow blogs because we want to see their content, not to have a crappy algorithm decide what’s best.

This blog is down approximately 80%, which doesn’t affect me other than as an annoyance (as this is a hobby and @okayto is small-ish) but the issue undoubtedly hurts others.


Below are instructions for turning it off. You have to do it individually–it doesn’t matter if a blog you follow turns it off, you’ll still be affected unless you do the same.


We don’t normally reblog PSAs, but this is very clearly affecting us, too! If you haven’t been getting your daily dose of RPG humor, this setting is probably why. Turn it off so you can see all the silly shit players say!

Thaaaaat’s why my notes have been dead lately. Please turn this off.

Well. This explains a lot.

My last week - 80%-90% drop off.

Interrupting your normal animal content to say same here, folks.

I’ve also noticed this drop off. For me on this blog, it’s a minor annoyance since this is just a thing I do for fun. But for others, it can be a huge loss of livelihood! It’s definitely sad to see the drop in engagement with my crochet blog when I’ve been making cool new stuff recently!

Please consider turning off this feature and taking the time to directly visit blogs you enjoy and engage with their content!

Back to your regularly scheduled content now

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Wall Memorial on Bernauer Strasse, Berlin, 1998. Photo by Ute Mahler / Ostkreuz.

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A single sheet of Graphene

This is the image of a single sheet of Graphene taken with a transmission electron microscope. Glorified in the image are the individual carbon atoms (yellow) on the honeycomb lattice.

For reference: The thickness of single layer graphene is ~0.345 nm !

Credit: Image courtesy of DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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Erschrecken. Is lieb?

Reposted byKryptoniteambassadorofdumbadremdicoschaaftatze
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A Laser Strike at the Galactic Center

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Michal Cala. A housing estate next to Pokoj Stealworks, Silesia. 1978

[::SemAp Twitter || SemAp::]

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barcelona 2017

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13/365 Mediterranean Landscape.

First landscape I draw in pixel art, also first in digital.

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When the nip kicks in. [full video]

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Retro Isometric Objects - Polaroid, Record Player, Gameboy 


Looks like October is…


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